The symptoms of this condition is the only thing that can help for diagnosis.
The patient reports the sensation of burning, itching and pain in areas of the tongue, gums and / or lower lip, the pain may be mild to severe. Rarely expressed the same symptoms throughout the mouth.
Usually the discomfort is on the edges and tip of the tongue, it can sometimes be pain in gums, cheeks and lower lip. The discomfort in 80% of cases start after a dental procedure, such as, tooth fillings, full or partial plates, removal of teeth or fixed or removable bridges. About 20% of patients start their discomfort after a painful episode moral loss of a loved one, job loss, divorce, etc.. causes that put the patient in a state of constant stress.
Many people who have it think it might be cancer, because of a baseless phobia.
The discomfort usually starts in hours close at noon, increasing the pain as the day progresses and disappear before reaching sleep. The pain is disabling but not if difficult for people functions as common as talking, eating or drinking liquids. This causes depression in the person but his condition worsened. Patients with Burning Mouth Syndrome, sometimes turn out to express the sensation of dry mouth after drinking even water.

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