There are not.
Patients in the Burning Mouth Syndrome no signs showing the origin of his condition. That is, there is no apparent damage, or physical or microscopic tongue, mouth or lips that could guide to its diagnosis.
That is why it is very difficult to reach the appropriate diagnosis and doctors trying to help the patient recommend a variety of medications that in most cases, far from helping, harming the person.
Anxiolytics, antihistamanicos, analgesics, antidepressants are the most common medications that a doctor prescribed the patient, and these same drugs, in most cases, triggers of the disease.
In xerostomia, which is the lack of secretion of salivary glands, there are specific damage caused by xerostomic, however, in the Burning Mouth Syndrome when the patient presents with dry mouth, salivary glands are not harmed and there is no lack of salivation.

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