Burning Mouth Syndrome also called burning tongue syndrome, burning tongue, Xerostomia, Glossodynia Glosopirisis or is a condition preferably of women in post-menopausal age, but can occur after age 30 can affect men, although very rare cases.
Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS) primarily affects the tongue causing the sensation of pain, itching or burning the edges or tip, even to affect lip and lower jaws. The patient reported a pain starts at noon and increases during the day. In some cases, disappears at night, however, there are patients who can not sleep due to discomfort in their tongue.
People affected by Burning Mouth Syndrome, a often manifest your tongue feel dry, but not there is damage to the salivary glands that makes you feel person dry tongue is for this reason that sometimes this syndrome is also confused with Xerostomia, where if there is a lack of secretion by glands salivary.
Initially uncertain Burning Mouth Syndrome can vanish without notice between 3 to 7 years. Some Patients with this disease have shown to suffer for over 15 years.

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