Q: Do not have a credit card, I can do?
A: Contact our distributor in Mexico Naturallya by clickin here
Q: What currency is the Xeros TM?
A: In U.S. dollars.
Q: How long does it take my order?
A: Approximately 3 to 4 days.
Q: My credit card is in euros, pesos, suns, Bs, etc., but not in dollars, can I buy with it Xeros TM?
A: Yes, regardless of the currency of your country or credit card, to make the payment, it automatically makes the charge in U.S. dollars.
Q: I do not need Xeros TM but a family required it and not have a credit card. I do I purchase it?
A: Yes, you do.
Q: What is Paypal?
A: It is the system of payment by credit card on the Internet safer.
Q: My order is retained in the Customs of my country, I have a problem?
A: No, the policies are different customs in all countries, please contact a representative of FedEx in your country so that tells you how to proceed.
Q: How can I contact you?
A: Byclick here.
Q: I have more questions, how I resolve?
A: Send us your questions to our email

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