Q: Xeros TM alleviates any kind of discomfort in the tongue?
A: No, is only for burning tongue syndrome.
Q: I have diabetes, Xeros TM can interfere with my treatment?
A: No, Xeros TM not interfere with any treatment.
Q: Xeros TM is effective in problems such as xerostomia?
A: No, Xeros TM is not indicated for Xerostomia.
Q: I am a man, I can endure the burning tongue syndrome?
A: Yes. Although BMS (Burning Mouth Syndrome) is common in women, some men can come to this syndrome. 
Q: Where can I buy Xeros TM?
A: In this page by clicking on the top menu on the link BUY or by visiting our dealer in Mexico
Q: As it applies Xeros TM?
A: You can download the instruction of Xeros TM clicking here.
Q: How to send the product to my home?
A: Through ship your order FedEx International to any country in the world.
Q: How do I know when I receive my order?
A: By submitting your order, we will send your tracking number for tracking your order on the internet page of Fedex.
Q: Can I pay with my credit card?
A: Yes.

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