To date there are well established in common cause for the onset of this syndrome, but have studied endless alternatives that could be causing people to express this condition.
As more women who suffer by the age, might think of the suffering hormonal changes at menopause, but men also suffer from it, this is where the problem is discarded hormones, and that at provide hormones to women, the problem remains.
Scientists point to psychological problems, allergies, ill-fitting dentures, emotional problems, alcoholism, smoking, excessive intake of coffee, phobias to cancer, but generally lean toward the psychological side whereas the Burning Mouth Syndrome is a psychosomatic problems. We know of some drugs that are triggers for this syndrome such as antidepressants, anxiolytics, corticosteroids, and many more. Usually people with the syndrome suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding while sleeping) or unconsciously pressed his tongue against the palate or teeth.
Even with this Burning Mouth Syndrome is unknown and multifactorial etiology.

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